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U.S. Vision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Refac Optical Group, is an international optometric dispensary chain. The vast majority of these locations are leased spaces in large department stores, such as J.C. Penney, Boscov's, and The Bay. As of May 8, 2007, 500 locations in 47 states and Canada are in operation, consisting of licensed departments and freestanding stores. In early 2008, due to an acquisition of BJ's Optical Centers located in many BJ's Wholesale Clubs, that number had grown to approximately 650 locations until 2019. On January 2nd, 2019 U.S. Vision withdrew from all BJ’s locations and terminated employment of over 1,000 U.S. Vision employees. U.S. Vision deals mainly in prescription eyewear, contact lenses, and optometry offices.


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Former Employee - Optical Associate says

"Poor wage, bait and switch sales tactics, untrained optical sales associates. Optical associates are expected to make the sale by any means necessary. Your optical experience is not as valued as your ability to sale. Most emails focus on sales and not the customer (patient) need. They tell you the wage is low because you will make good commission."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Slowly going out of business. Decreasing comissions. Constant staff turnover. Total disrespect by upper management, even for their doctors."

Current Employee - Optical Manager says

"Lab remakes high due to quality control."

Former Employee - Optician says

"Management rude and disrespectful to Emplyees and customer"

Former Employee - Lab Technician says

"Low pay, low raises, extremely childish and bitter co-workers"


"Childish managers Low pay Massive layoffs"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Company bleeds money. Major suppliers have CUT THEM OFF FOR NOT PAYING THEIR BILLS."

Current Employee - Optician says

"Store managers get away with a lot. Everyone but the manager gets their hours cut on a consistent basis. Managers find ways to get over time though. They also abuse the time clock. Clocking in 40 minutes before the store opens and being there until 830-900 at night. But every week your hours get cut more and more. Also, some managers are not clocking out for lunch, but opticians are told they have to."

Current Employee - Optician says

"Poor pay, no raises, benefits are expensive and no match on 401K most of the time. You have to travel to multiple locations to make FT unless you are a manager. They never have enough coverage for their locations and that affects both the employees and the patients. Products are definitely not doctors office quality, lenses oversized or frames miss shaped as a result of the lenses. Some states need licenses and the company doesn't offer incentives for the employee to aquire one but in reality its because they will only allow 1 licensed employee to work FT each location to cut cost on pay."

Current Employee - Optician says

"Literally everything. Unrealistic goals. Working by yourself 90% of the time. Unable to request time off because there is no coverage. I've been here for 7 MONTHS, and they have cut hours TWICE. Freeze on pay raises. The training was subpar at best, there are still things I am unsure about and never have anyone to ask because I am here alone. Low pay, not enough hours."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"This company only sees you as a work horse. There are obvious favorites that get away with murder and then the people who are constantly harped on for ridiculous reasons. The management is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS. Zero communication. Overall, absolutely horrible company to work for."

Lab Associate (Former Employee) says

"Sweat shop mentality at this job based on personal experience, cannot speak for others. Avenues for personal advancement are minimal, and retaliation is frequent."

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company has unrealistic expectations from it's new hires, or anyone inexperienced in the optical field. I quit after only 2 months due to lack of training, and being treated poorly by an inappropriate "manager"."

Optician (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company. They don't give you a schedule until last minute. They write you up for being ten minutes late. I had worked for this company 6 months and no raise. They have unrealistic expectations. Also very short staffed and not enough coverage"

Inventory Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I left there at the perfect time. This company won't be around past 5 years max. They used to be a great place, but within the last year they hired a new plant manager, then he up and left without notice 6 months into the job, he had plans to turn things around, but the upper management in the building down the road didn't care. Two months after I left they laid off third shift. Then around Christmas they let go of a good amount of day shift. The work is sparse, and the people there are giddy little tattle tales over stupid things. There is blatant favoritism in every department. They lost their biggest client one month after I left, and then had to close all of their Canada stores. Following that, they tried to fire the CEO, but had to rehire him due to contract issues. Hilarious that they refuse to acknowledge their own mistakes, and continue to blame the lowest on the totem-pole."

Optical (Former Employee) says

"Manager was not very accommodating, couldn’t request days off! Manger was very messy, and also rude! Manger came and went as they pleased but you cant"

Optician (Former Employee) says

"This place seemed great at first. But it is full of dramatic, unprofessional and crazy people. Training was horrible. Didn't get trained properly and was getting blamed for the store not doing good. No point in going above your manager because nothing is done to help. Manager is super fake and pretends she cares but will talk about you in a heartbeat behind your back like you are back in high school! Pay sucks so it's not worth the headaches and stress!"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company quit 401K match. Pay freezes. Managers are supposed to have a part time tech to work on DR days and a day off, but its hard to hang on to them because of low wages and they will get their hours cut. No focus on training. District managers are rarely seen. They make promises that they can’t keep. Lab is horrible. I could go on and on. Advice to owners: Just file for bankruptcy now.You’re pretty much left alone.You’re pretty much left alone."

Optician (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I ever worked at starting day 1 I do not recommend employment with us vision morale is low and poor management lack of communication skills- also I have higher expectations for good work ethics beware high turnover!NothingPoor Leadership"

Optician Technician (Former Employee) says

"For starters the pay is terrible but I wouldn’t have minded that as much if at least the work environment was good. The manager is super unprofessional to the point that she would change clothes in the small closet that we had and even would wear clothes almost showing all her clevage and on top of that would be walking around barefoot. She was always on her phone texting and had such bad attitude. When I brought that to the attention to the district manager and tried to get my other co workers to let her know as well because they all hated the manager too and the end they all backed out and got scared and made me look bad because they didn’t have the guts to stand up to her and the district manger didn’t do anything about it and all she did was just let the manager know and when I got to work her so called bestfriend got on my face to complain on the fact that I had reported the manager and her so called bestfriend were literally bad mouthing me like if we were in high school and they were in there 40s which is so ridiculous and acting super unprofessional. So I left because I felt sick of seeing how fake my co workers were and how much cowards they were and how pathetic the manager and her so called best friend were.Nothing at all only made me regret leaving the previous jobTwo faced co workers, everyone super unprofessional, pay is terrible"

Optical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Was hired as full time but they didn’t tell me i had to travel to other stores to get those hours. Dm was an idiot. They think you have no life besides US Vision and don’t pay nearly enough to make you want to come in on days off. I hated that place, all about the all mighty dollar don’t care about patientsNoneEverything"

Optician (Former Employee) says

"The corporate over structure rules all with the main focus being strictly $$ and sales goals! There is little to no attention to customer service or patient care. My store manager had no consideration for the employees or any desire to schedule fairly. I was forced to work every single Saturday and Sunday for 4 months straight and consistently was scheduled to close, despite several requests to better distribute the shifts. After being told I'd get a raise after 6 months, a year later, I received no raise.Free pair of eyeglassesNo support from corporate management"

Management (Former Employee) says

"Place is a joke. They try to weed out the ones that make decent money and the ones that don’t work they keep. Every person has to work for 2 people. Nobody stays. High turnover rate. Seems like new HR people every few months. One day they follow rules and next day it’s break all the rules. 401k keeps coming and going and raises are 37.5 cents a year if you are lucky. Management team seems like they set you up to fail instead of helping you. They give you few weeks training and you are on your own to suffer."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"great company to start in optical. Horrible company to grow with. Became a store manager with no training. Had 3 managers in that time of one year. All the upper management sucked and the ones that filled in while replacements where found talked down to the current managers and downplayed their abilities. Too many company changes and not enough time to train.The host store alwaya had free foodEverything"

Optical Technician (Former Employee) says

"Lyes to customers pushy lack of employees expects you to do and now everything management do work for there employees job do not train or will get someone that don’t know anythingHoursUnprofessional management"

Stock Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Terminates Senior employees for new hires at lower pay. Constantly bring up info to upper management to be ignored. Company offered to match 401 k contribution only done for one year out of all the years worked there."

Store manager (Former Employee) says

"Store manager in several locations in the New England market for about 16 years. After 2004 all cost of living increases stopped. Average tenure of a dist. manager was about 16 to 18 months. Middle managers changed like the seasons so you were never really sure who or what you were dealing with. Yearly reviews didn't happen and when questioned on it, the regional would ignore you. New employees were hired at higher rates than existing empolyees. Just a really bad working environment with a poor outlook for the future. Cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Glad I'm goneNone reallyTo many to list"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"They are very poorly managed as far as up keep on the equipment. Because the equipment is outdated it makes it difficult to keep a have. on staff. On top of that, they fire you with made up policies not even stated in the handbook or manual. Ex. Firing you over fixing another employees mistake by giving great customer service. That way the company didnt get $2,000 in refunds. Most employees have workes upwards for 10+ years. Not one of them have recieved a raise. I know of one employee that has worked for the company 30 years and still hasnt seen a raise.Free eyewearPoor upper management, hour cuts, wrongful termination, outdated equipment and decor"

Corporate (Former Employee) says

"This is a drowning company with poor systems and unqualified management. The expectation is to work the job of two people with little incentive other than to keep your job.If you like long hours, this is for you.Where do I start?"

Optician (Former Employee) says

"I was hired and the manger quite a week later never got trained was given a store and never showed how to run it or how to do my job at all had to learn everything on my own or from the DR I would never work for this company again" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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